Sunday, July 26, 2015

Letter Request

Mike Little of the AUSN is asking for letters from Blue Water Navy Veterans and/or their to use as leverage for Co-sponsor. The letter/e-mail needs to to be personal and personalized so the the staffers can understand what you are going through. They can’t be Form Type Letters. They need to know that there are real people facing issues with Agent Orange and that they served on Naval Ships. If you are willing to do this please send them to and do it as soon as possible.

List of Congressman NOT Supporting The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act

DateSend Mail
not a cosponsorMartha Roby (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRobert Aderholt (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorGary Palmer (R 6th)---Send Message
American Samoa
not a cosponsorAumua Amata Radewagen (R At-Large)---Send Message
not a cosponsorPaul Gosar (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMatt Salmon (R 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDavid Schweikert (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRuben Gallego (D 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorTrent Franks (R 8th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorSteve Womack (R 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDoug LaMalfa (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJared Huffman (D 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJohn Garamendi (D 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorTom McClintock (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJerry McNerney (D 9th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorNancy Pelosi (D 12th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJackie Speier (D 14th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorEric Swalwell (D 15th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJim Costa (D 16th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorKevin McCarthy (R 23rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorLois Capps (D 24th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorPete Aguilar (D 31st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorXavier Becerra (D 34th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorNorma Torres (D 35th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRaul Ruiz (D 36th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorKaren Bass (D 37th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorEd Royce (R 39th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDana Rohrabacher (R 48th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDarrell Issa (R 49th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDuncan Hunter (R 50th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorKen Buck (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDoug Lamborn (R 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMike Coffman (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJeff Miller (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorAnder Crenshaw (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRon DeSantis (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJohn Mica (R 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorAlan Grayson (D 9th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorGus Bilirakis (R 12th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorKathy Castor (D 14th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorVern Buchanan (R 16th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMario Diaz-Balart (R 25th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorTom Price (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRob Woodall (R 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJody Hice (R 10th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRick Allen (R 12th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorTom Graves (R 14th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRaul Labrador (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRobin Kelly (D 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDaniel Lipinski (D 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorLuis Gutierrez (D 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorPeter Roskam (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDanny Davis (D 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRobert Dold (R 10th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMike Bost (R 12th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJohn Shimkus (R 15th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorAdam Kinzinger (R 16th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorPeter Visclosky (D 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJackie Walorski (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMarlin Stutzman (R 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorTodd Rokita (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorSusan Brooks (R 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorLarry Bucshon (R 8th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRod Blum (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorTim Huelskamp (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorLynn Jenkins (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMike Pompeo (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorEdward Whitfield (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorSteve Scalise (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorCedric Richmond (D 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJohn Fleming (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRalph Abraham (R 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorGarret Graves (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorBruce Poliquin (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorAndy Harris (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorSteny Hoyer (D 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorElijah Cummings (D 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorSeth Moulton (D 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorBill Huizenga (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJustin Amash (R 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJohn Moolenaar (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorTim Walberg (R 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorSander Levin (D 9th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorCandice Miller (R 10th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDave Trott (R 11th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJohn Kline (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorErik Paulsen (R 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorTom Emmer (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorTrent Kelly (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorWilliam Lacy Clay (D 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorAnn Wagner (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorBlaine Luetkemeyer (R 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorBilly Long (R 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRyan Zinke (R At-Large)---Send Message
not a cosponsorAdrian Smith (R 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDina Titus (D 1st)---Send Message
New Jersey
not a cosponsorDonald Norcross (D 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorScott Garrett (R 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorFrank Pallone (D 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorBill Pascrell (D 9th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDonald Payne (D 10th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRodney Frelinghuysen (R 11th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorBonnie Watson Coleman (D 12th)---Send Message
New Mexico
not a cosponsorSteve Pearce (R 2nd)---Send Message
New York
not a cosponsorJerrold Nadler (D 10th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDan Donovan (R 11th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorCarolyn Maloney (D 12th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorChris Collins (R 27th)---Send Message
North Carolina
not a cosponsorRenee Ellmers (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDavid Price (D 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorVirginia Foxx (R 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMark Walker (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDavid Rouzer (R 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRichard Hudson (R 8th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRobert Pittenger (R 9th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorPatrick McHenry (R 10th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMark Meadows (R 11th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorAlma Adams (D 12th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorGeorge Holding (R 13th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorSteve Chabot (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorBrad Wenstrup (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJim Jordan (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorBill Johnson (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJohn Boehner (R 8th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMichael Turner (R 10th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMarcia Fudge (D 11th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorPat Tiberi (R 12th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorSteve Russell (R 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorGreg Walden (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorChaka Fattah (D 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMike Kelly (R 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorScott Perry (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorBill Shuster (R 9th)---Send Message
Puerto Rico
not a cosponsorPedro Pierluisi (D At-Large)---Send Message
Rhode Island
not a cosponsorJim Langevin (D 2nd)---Send Message
South Carolina
not a cosponsorMark Sanford (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJoe Wilson (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorTrey Gowdy (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMick Mulvaney (R 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJames Clyburn (D 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorTom Rice (R 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJohn Duncan (R 2nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorChuck Fleischmann (R 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorScott DesJarlais (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJim Cooper (D 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDiane Black (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorStephen Fincher (R 8th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorSam Johnson (R 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJohn Ratcliffe (R 4th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJeb Hensarling (R 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJoe Barton (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJohn Culberson (R 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorKevin Brady (R 8th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorAl Green (D 9th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorK. Michael Conaway (R 11th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorKay Granger (R 12th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMac Thornberry (R 13th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRandy Weber (R 14th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorBill Flores (R 17th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJoaquin Castro (D 20th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorWill Hurd (R 23rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorKenny Marchant (R 24th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMichael Burgess (R 26th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorHenry Cuellar (D 28th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorGene Green (D 29th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorEddie Bernice Johnson (D 30th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorPete Sessions (R 32nd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorFilemon Vela (D 34th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorLloyd Doggett (D 35th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJason Chaffetz (R 3rd)---Send Message
not a cosponsorMia Love (R 4th)---Send Message
Virgin Islands
not a cosponsorStacey Plaskett (D At-Large)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRobert Hurt (R 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorRobert Goodlatte (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDave Brat (R 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorDon Beyer (D 8th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorPaul Ryan (R 1st)---Send Message
not a cosponsorJim Sensenbrenner (R 5th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorGlenn Grothman (R 6th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorSean Duffy (R 7th)---Send Message
not a cosponsorCynthia Lummis (R At-Large)---Send Message