Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Received VA Lett er.

I received this letter from the VA today. Now it is great that the VA did send me a letter but what worries me is that a Veterans Service Center Manager doesn't even know who their bosses are.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Blue Water Navy Poll

I need to ask a favor of all Veterans of all branches.  I have set up a Poll that is intended to get the opinion of Veterans that are getting VA Disability Compensation and those who may be awarded benefits in the future. So please answer the first question as if you were getting VA Disability Compensation.
The results of the poll may be submitted to members of Congress to help gain there support of the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act.
At this time the results are coming to me. At the time it is decided to submit the polls, I am going to try to do so without providing it with the e-mail addresses.  During the poll I need a way to verify that only one response per person is submitted resulting in a valid and fair poll.
To be most effective we need to have as many Veterans as possible to take the poll. So PLEASE share the link with other groups.
Also you will notice that I am saying “Veterans” and not “Blue Water Navy Veterans” or “Navy Veterans”. For this poll to be most effective, it would help if we get all type of Veterans to take the poll.
At some time in the future (not decided yet) I will publish the results.

So PLEASE take the poll and PLEASE share it on other sites you are on.

Please go to http://goo.gl/forms/81CL3XYVqb  and complete the poll

Thank You

Mike Yates