Saturday, October 10, 2015


The regulations that the VA needs to write regarding Blue Water Navy veterans due to the Gray v. McDonald have been or soon will be delivered to the White House for approval. We don’t know what it says, but we do know the VA is always inclined to inflate cost figures. What we need to do is send hundreds of letters to the White House asking that they move forward with the VA regulations. I believe that after they get White House approval, VA may bring John Wells back into the picture to review things before they release the new Regulations.
Please go to the link below and send a note to the White House so they know there are people out here in the real world who care about this issue! Send it directly to the President. An example of what you might say is included. Use as is or modify as you see fit.
"I have heard that the VA is working on a regulation to help Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans who have diseases caused by Agent Orange. Please support these new VA regulations. Blue Water Navy vets lost their presumption of exposure to Agent Orange in 2002 after it was granted to them by the Agent Orange Act of 1991. Tens of thousands of veterans deserve their earned benefits. It shouldn’t matter what the cost is; these are American lives we are talking about! Please ask the VA to restore these benefits."
Beside using the Contact Form I am also suggesting that we light up the White House Switch board on Monday morning. PLEASE call 202-456-1111 and ask them to support the New Regulations and remind them that the VA has a history of not exactly telling the truth at all times.
One more thing……PLEASE PLEASE SHARE SHARE this on ANY FB or Yahoo group you belong to. Let’s get as many people as we can to do this.
I know some have already started to post this or a similar request on others sites, please post again if you have to. We ALL need to get our point across.
Please make sure you make that call on Monday and SHARE….tell your family, friends, coworkers, enemies, people you barely know, any one and ask them to Contact the White House.
Thanks…remember SHARE