Sunday, March 8, 2015

I have been asked to go to Washington DC to try to convince some members of Congress to support the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act. In the House it is HR969 and a similar bill will be introduced into the Senate soon. Please share this posting with anyone you know who was in the Navy during the Vietnam War.
If you were in the Navy, have a family member or friend that was in the US Navy or Fleet Marines between 1962 and 1975 this Act may be important to you. Nearly half of the surviving hundred thousand members may currently be suffering disabilities from the effects of dioxin, found in Agent Orange. These service members are now being denied all service connected health care from the VA and disability compensation for these diseases by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Between 1991 and February 2002 Vietnam veteran who served on land, inland waterways, or off the coast of Vietnam were not required to present any sort of documentation as evidence for actually dioxin exposure. In February 2002 the Department of Veterans Affairs changed their rules set forth in 1991 so that you needed to have “Boots on the Ground” in Vietnam or any of it’s offshore islands
In 2002 an Australian Study (EXAMINATION OF THE POTENTIAL EXPOSURE OF ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY (RAN) PERSONNEL TO POLYCHLORINATED DIBENZODIOXINS AND POLYCHLORINATED DIBENZOFURANS VIA DRINKING WATER) found that the water distillation process would actually enhance the toxicity of any dioxin present in the original saltwater.
For more information you can go to Facebook and search for Military-Veterans Advocacy or Blue Water Navy Awareness. To help make it easier for people to contact their Congress Person, I have created a blog and on it I have contact lists of all the Congress people. With it you can click on their name and go to their Web Page for Congress. The blog is

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