Sunday, September 6, 2015


I haven’t posted about the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act in about a month due to the fact that nothing has happen since Congress is in recess.
There is going to be a Webinar this coming week you may find interesting. Here is the information on it:
Agent Orange and Blue Water Sailors: VA has yet to publish its official definition of inland waterway. However, the BVA’s decision indicates that VA still refuses to accept Vietnam harbors as inland waterways, ignoring a Veterans Court order to the contrary. 

In this webinar, Matthew Hill and Commander John Wells, Esq., the Executive Director, Military-Veterans Advocacy, Inc., will cover what has and hasn’t changed in the Brown Water/Blue Water Debate. 

Questions/points we will address: 

1. Why you still need to pay attention even if your ship was in a harbor or bay. 
2. What to take away from the Gray decision. 
3. What evidence to use for your case. 
4. Actions to be taken politically.
You can go to the following URL to sign up for it. Sign up even if you can’t attend it but want to see it later, they said they will e-mail you where you can see it:


Also there have been some new ships added to the Official Agent Orange Ships List. Go to to see if your ship has been added.
As always please contact your member of Congress and ask them to support the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act, S-681 (Senate) and H-969 (House.) Also you ask them to support the Agent Orange Extension Act (HR-3423). This act will allow the VA to still add more disease to the Agent Orange list. I believe it allows other things also.

For more information up to date information you can always go to Blue Water Navy Awareness on Facebook.

Thanks and Enjoy

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