Sunday, January 11, 2015

From the Blue Water Navy Facebook page:

As I see this written, Schwartz and Hickey are going to fight this tooth and nail. Here we have two individuals who are schooled in the old ways and will not ever change. The VA will never rid them of their prejudices unless they get rid of them.
Congratulations to Mr. West and his group. I hope the accolades are not too early. The fight is not yet over.
Now there is still the matter of the Blue Water Navy Bill that once again was tabled in the 113th Congress. HR 543 will be introduced under a new number and the Senate will be proposing their version of the bill.
Viva Vietnam Blue Water Navy Veterans. Viva the pursuit of justice. Viva all Veterans in all wars who have been wrongly denied health care and benefits from a misguided DVA!
Report: C-123 fliers exposed to Agent Orange…/veterans-exposed-t…/21458539/

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