Saturday, January 10, 2015

From Military-Veterans Advocacy: (Please like us on FB). Some good news on the Agent Orange front. The Institute of Medicine issued their report concerning Agent Orange exposure by C-123 ground crews and air crews. These planes had been used during Operation Ranch Hand and later assigned to the Air Force Reserve. Many of these toxic planes flew for years. Most have since been destroyed. The study found that Air Force Reservists were likely exposed and at high levels. During the telephone conference debriefing, the VA seemed to accept the findings, with the caveat that the General Counsel’s office had to decide if the Reservists were really veterans (you can’t make this up). Title 38 of the U. S. Code states that veterans include active duty personnel and members of the Reserves who were disabled on active duty for training and inactive duty for training. So it seems to be straightforward, although this is the same General Counsel’s office who rejected national sovereignty over bays, harbors and the territorial seas and questions whether the Agent Orange (mixed with petroleum) floated out to sea. A 60 day review is now under way. Congratulations to Wes Carter and his C-123 group who has worked hard and refused to give up in a fierce fight against a recalcitrant VA. The National Academy’s press release is attached.…

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